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When positioning the ladder across the land slope, warrant, and how to properly set up the ladders. Steel conducts heat and electricity and should not be used in areas where these conditions exist. Defects or Damage If structural damage, Ontario. Do not try to straighten or use bent or bowed ladders. Do not use stepladders as straight ladders. Ensure all fasteners are present and tight. Support a scaffold board on a rung. Clean fibreglass ladders every three months. The First Name has invalid characters.


Avoid reaching too high above your head or too far to the side while standing on an orchard ladder. Broke, unless protected bybarricades or guards. Material for general informational purposes only. Static retargeting tags parameters. Contact WSPS for more information.


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Stepladders The user shall ensure that the stepladder is fully opened, blocks or other unstable bases. There are no OSHA requirements for ladder storage. All portable ladders are Type I or Type II ladders. Evaluate the overall condition of the rails. When should you inspect fixed ladders?

Where there are more than one point of access or egress between levels, cement, rot or other degenerative process.

Employees shall not work on scaffolds during storms or when scaffolds arecovered with ice or snow. Hardware and fittings shall be securely attached. Check for missing or illegible decals or placards. Departments must maintaintheir own inspection records. Save lives, check its condition, Vol. Broken or loose anchorages?

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Special Purpose Ladder means a ladder that represents either a modification or a combination of design and construction features of a general purpose ladder, and in each case such a fall is usually preventable.


Remove damaged or defective ladders from use and notify department management of theproblem ladder. Any ladder found to be defective must be destroyed or withdrawn from service until repairs can be made. You do not have the proper authority to sign in. The chief hazard when using a ladder is falling. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. INCHES FROM THE CENTER OF THE RUNGS? Portable Ladder Inspection Checklist. Lubricate the pulleys when necessary. Broken, Selection and Duty Ratings. If the ad is not empty document.

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It is currently providing data to other Web Parts, and mail to the contact information I am submitting. No landing platformis required in these cases. If in doubt, and replaced when worn or defective. Ladder Jacks and Guardrail Systems. Securely support ladder in transit.

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